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Solar Panels

Our Offers

Asuka is thrilled to present our solutions to customers worldwide. These offerings showcase our expertise in the green energy sector. To learn more, double-click the "download" button to access our product leaflet. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require customized design solutions. We are always happy to help.

PV Meter

PV Meter and Sub-Meter System

The Asuka PV and Sub-Meter systems measure the solar inverter's generation energy and collect the utility meter's import/export energy via ECHONET Wi-Sun communication before sending the consolidated data to the server every 30 mins via the LTE mobile networks.


The Asuka smart gateway equips with LTE, ECHONET Wi-Fi, and Wi-Sun communication for Smart Home and green energy applications. The ethernet port and external antenna options on the smart socket can provide maximum flexibility to the customers (e.g., EV charger or storage battery applications).

CT Meter

CT Meter and Sub-Meter System

The Asuka CT and Sub-Meter systems measure energy generation via dedicated current transformers (i.e., 250A & 500A). Supported by the RS485 network, it can provide energy information for the solar power generation plant with inverter output control features. 

DC Meter

The Asuka DC meter provides different current ranges (i.e., 100A to 500A) to meet the customer's requirements. Equipped with Modbus and LTE (Option communication), it provides maximum flexibility for remote system operations.   

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Screenshot 2024-02-17 151642.jpg

OCPP Gateway

The Asuka gateway can convert OCPP commands into Modbus commands, allowing data collection from external industrial devices or controlling up to 20 charging posts through Smart meters. It comes equipped with LTE, Wi-Fi, and LAN connections, providing maximum flexibility for various applications and environments.

Rail-Type Smart Meter

The Asuka rail-type smart meter can measure energy consumption in both directions. It is also equipped with the ability to control external power relays remotely. This device can serve as an EV charging station component when used alongside the Asuka gateway. Alternatively, it can independently report energy data on the Solar system or EV charging post via the Modbus or LTE network.

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