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Founded in 2019, we’re a young and talented group of engineers with a groundbreaking idea designed to contribute towards a better tomorrow via energy management. By integrating the latest specifications of smart meters, up-to-date communication technology, and a robust data management system, we commit to improving energy efficiency & offer different green energy solutions to protect our environment and benefit the next generation.

At Asuka Solution Company Ltd, we deliver unmatched, dedicated products and services. We strongly believe that the right understanding and technological edge can pave the way for companies to achieve a prosperous future.

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Background and Design of Asuka PV Meter System

Sustainable and Protecting our Enviroment

At Asuka Solution, we deliver exceptional solutions that safeguard the environment and benefit all parties. We have designed a PV metering system that efficiently oversees solar inverters and smart home devices (such as storage batteries) via ECHONET and RS485 to achieve this aim. This system offers energy data to utility and PPA, resulting in optimal energy conservation for the nation.

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